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Coney Weston Art by Ned Pamphilon

Verdi used music. Ned uses paint.

Raising community spirit through the power of art.

A contemporary visual record of the village: http://nppmyvillage221.blogspot.co.uk/

 “Ned’s having an exhibition at the village hall. There’ll be lots of paintings of Coney Weston.”

Ben Platts-Mills 07.10.2013   http://www.treesculpture.co.uk/

“Ned Pamphilon is the Constable of Coney Weston.”

Brian Sewell, London Evening Standard art critic 10.09.2013   Website? Don’t be silly. Typewriter!

My Village: Paintings of Coney Weston @ £221

“Your ‘Eyes of Atatürk’ image over Taksim Square is a powerful one.”

Matthew Hancock, MP West Suffolk 24.06.2013                         http://www.matthewhancock.co.uk/

 “I love your work...a real master. “

Gerald Celente, The Trends Institute, Kingston USA 22.08.2012   http://www.trendsresearch.com/

Inspired by a Jeff Rense interview 14.08.2013 during which Gerald Celente said:

“Verdi’s main objective in composing the music that he did was to raise the spirit of the Italian people... It was almost a bloodless revolution. It worked. The model exists.

He did it with music... calm the savage breast.”

Raising the spirit of people through the power of art.

“The village hall? The Royal Academy? The village hall! Well, it’s closer.

I invite you to view my new paintings.

As Gerald might say, ‘You gotta boogie before the lights go out’, though don’t worry, the hall lighting will do just fine; the paintings are pretty bright. There’s lots of green.”

Ned 08.10.2013 https://www.istanbul1881.com/ 

Contact: 07522 032 765                                         ned2701@gmail.com