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Remembrance Walk November 2018

On November 10th 2018 over 40 people gathered at the village hall for a 5 mile walk around the airfield used by the 388th Bomb Group from 1943-1945. We had annotated wartime maps of the airfield and using these we could look at the fields now covered in crops and try to visualise the landscape as an active airfield. Most of the buildings have been demolished, but the runways and perimeter tracks remain although greatly reduced in width. One T2 hangar remains and is in constant use as part of an animal bedding business. In Wall Covert there are still remains of the ramps of the bomb stores and several blast shelters are to be found amongst the trees.

Thanks go to the local landowners for giving us permission to walk on the airfield and to Tony Goff and Rod Pattle for providing their jeeps to transport those who were less mobile.

We hope to repeat this walk in a few months so if you are interested please contact the webmaster.

 Plan of the airfield

More information about the airfield and its satellite sites in Coney Weston