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Coney Weston Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of seven councillors, all resident in the village.

Parish Councillors


Email address

Phone number


Peter Clarke 01359 221906  Defibrillator, Speed Indicator Device, Village  Volunteer group, Neighbourhood Watch Liaison
Chris Flood 01359 221540 Website, Facebook Page and Publicity
Diana Haycock 01359 221216 Planning and New Residents
Ben Hogg 01359 220128 Chairperson, Line Manager for the Clerk
Janet Ladell 01359 221505 Vice Chairperson, Playing Field
Geoff Mihr  unavailable Highways, Hedges and Footpaths

Register of Parish Councillors' interests

Clerk to the Parish Council - Rowena Salter - 01359 221256 -

County Councillor - Joanna Spicer - 01359 230800 -

District Councillor - Andrew Smith 01359 221948 -

The Freedom of Information Act - Model Publication Scheme has been adopted