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Lifelink - a new service starting in our area in the New Year

3 December 2019

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LifeLink -Changing Lives with Communities

LifeLink, which started in Haverhill and has also launched in Brandon and Mildenhall, is a free service for anyone over 16 years old and it is already busy. Benefits include: meeting new people and developing new friendships, feeling healthier and fitter, learning new skills and opportunities for volunteering and developing employability skills. This can lead to improved sense of wellbeing, leading to better physical and mental health.

The LifeLink Coordinators, coach participants on a one-to-one basis, working together to find ways for each person to improve their wellbeing and meet their needs by connecting them to social activities, clubs, groups and local services. By introducing suitable local services, groups, clubs or activities, each individual’s social and practical needs can be supported and LifeLink will help, every step of the way.

Getting involved is easy.  People can self-refer to the service, or ask a friend, supporter, GPs or other professional to help them to make a referral. Simply call the local LifeLink Coordinator to find out more  and get involved.

For Haverhill LifeLink call Elaine 07967 670592 or Charlotte 07967 670602.  For Brandon LifeLink and Mildenhall LifeLink call Rob 07773 046836 or Amba 07971 534462.

LifeLink is currently available in Brandon, Haverhill and Mildenhall with expansion in the New Year to include Bury St Edmunds Central, Bury St Edmunds Rural (Blackbourne), Newmarket, Sudbury Central, and Sudbury Rural (WGGL). 

 For more information on LifeLink, and its schedule for expansion, please visit  https://www.westsuffolk.gov.uk/community/lifelink