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Parish Council Update

13 January 2020

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The Parish Council met on 2nd January with all Councillors present. At the January meeting the Parish Council agreed the budget for 2020/2021.

As a result the Precept will be increased slightly this year. The rise equates to £7.91 for the year per household (for a band D property). This is in particular to support various village facilities and initiatives for the benefit of residents; such as the village hall, playing field and volunteer group. This is part of your Council Tax bill.

This year the Parish Council have assisted the Village hall Committee by giving a £2000 grant towards the repair of the village hall roof. The grant contributed to the significant external funding package put together by the Village hall Committee (in particular Dee Stewardson) enabling this major project to be completed.

The Parish Council has also facilitated the setting up of a new Playing Field Management Committee and it is anticipated there will be a lot of maintenance and repairs needed this year. Whilst the Committee will be fundraising and using the Volunteer group where possible there will also be the need for additional funding for some tasks and materials.

 The Village Volunteer Group will next be meeting on Saturday 1st February at 10am in the village hall.