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Annual Village Meetings


April 2019

We had a very successful Annual Village Meeting in May attended by about 70 village residents. If you were not able to attend you'll find much of the content below.

Ben Hogg, our Parish Council chairman, presented a report of the Parish Council and village achievements over the past year. The text of his talk is here and the accompanying photos are on this PowerPoint file.

Our District Councillor, Andrew Smith, did a presentation on the recent changes at St Edmundsbury and the merger with Forest Heath forming the new West Suffolk Council.

District Councillor's presentation on West Suffolk

Here are some of the other reports from Village groups. The list isn't complete so watch this space!

Village Hall

Playing Field

Bowls Club


April 2018

Again we had a successful meeting. Ben Hogg as Chairman again presented his report, with images on Powerpoint to be viewed from HERE.

The reports from representatives of village groups can be see HERE. The photos accompanying the Pondlife report can be seen in the gallery.


April 2017

The first Annual Village Meeting separated from the Annual Parish Council Meeting took place in April 2017. The Chairman, Ben Hogg presented this report to the Annual Village Meeting, introducing the councillors and highlighting what the Parish Council had achieved over the past year. The accompanying images on PowerPoint can be viewed here.

Representatives gave reports of the various clubs and groups, some of which are to be found HERE.